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The Nike Method for Creatives

I remember when my family and I started our first business together, we labored over other brands’ logos and taglines. One of the top on our list was Nike for obvious reasons. They seemed to have hit the branding jackpot. An amazingly simple logo and tagline essentially has transformed a generation of clothing and athletics. Because I’m a lover of words, “just do it” makes my heart do a little pitter-patter. Three words and so much power, guys.

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Harnessing Creativity in a Rut

I am perpetually bad about succumbing to a rut (just like I am kind of bad at quitting things). Ruts frustrate me. They make me angry. And perhaps other disciplines and industries have ruts, too, but I think creative ruts are particularly painful because of the way in which creatives identify with their creations. Famous poets often refer to their poems as their children. Authors are sad when their characters die. I am afraid of ruts -- which leads to anger -- because it makes me worried that one day I will no longer be able to string words together in a meaningful way. One day, the rut will stay forever and I will never have a good idea ever again. 

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