Cute and Comfy? Challenge Accepted. Meet Your Next Plane Outfit.

Yo. Liv here. Here's the deal. I love flying with my whole heart. But also, simultaneously hate flying with my whole heart. It's very stressful (but no one gets as stressed as Haley), but super convenient. It's also always hard to find an outfit that makes you feel good but is still comfy. Here's my go to outfit for flights. 

what to wear on a plane

Aerie sweatshirt. This is so big, so comfy, but also cute. Perfect plane wear because it's warm without being super bulky. It's also on sale, so here's are a few other options that are super similar! 1, 2, 3.

what to wear on a plane

Warby Parker sunnies. Okay, let's talk about sunglasses for a second. My face has always been super small, but I've always really loved big sunglasses. Summer and Haley both can wear big sunglasses (Haley's have been retired, but here are similar; here are Summer's), but I always struggled to find some I love without looking like, you know, a bug. These Pipers are a perfect fit. We LOVE Warby

the perfect carry on

Lo & Sons Carry On. We are also big fans of Lo & Sons. Haley loves supporting family owned and operated businesses, so she's been shopping at Lo & Sons (shop her camera bag here) for a while. The Catalina is a stellar carry on because it's big enough to fit a whole week's worth of clothes, but small enough to fit under the seat in front of you. The bottom pocket is perfect for shoes and the side pockets are great for your phones, boarding passes, or passports. (Haley keeps her Kindle in hers because she's a weirdo.)

New Balances (similar here). I've been looking for some comfortable, lightweight and breathable tennis shoes for a while and these are perfect. They're easy to get on and off for TSA checks. I don't even untie them, so they work perfectly for me. 

Old Navy Jeans (similar here). I bought these Old Navy jeans a million years ago, but they're Rockstar and I love them. Here are some other options

lol here i am

lol here i am

That's it! What do you all wear while traveling? I'd love to hear from you below! -liv



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