Who We Are

triwell blog about us

Hey, friends! 

We are Haley, Liv, and Summer, three sisters with one super simple goal: to create a world where music booms, wellness flourishes, and creativity seeps into every crevice of our lives. 

triwell blog about us

TriWell was born out of our love for nontoxic beauty, music, creativity, and community. The name is simple: We are three and we value wellness. Wellness has become such a buzzword these last few years, and rightfully so. We are committed to practicing wellness not just in our daily routines, but also in creativity and relationships with others. 

A few facts about each of us

triwell blog about us


  • I've never had only one job, mostly out of boredom rather than necessity 
  • I write stuff here about creativity, education, and travel 
  • I have a BFA in Creative Writing and an MA in English Literature, which means I love to read A LOT. Stay tuned for a super fun book club coming soon! 
  • If I could ask a higher power for anything, it would be for mac and cheese without the calories and free plane tickets for the rest of my life 
  • I think teenagers are the greatest brand of human and will sometimes share some of my educational war stories here 
  • I cry at movies, tv shows, and commercials. I also cry at plays, sporting events, and really anywhere at any time 
    triwell blog about us


    • I'm 22 and and studied economics in college 
    • Tacos are my love language 
    • I'm passionate about nontoxic living and beauty 
    • I live for LaCroix 
    • Costa Rica is my favorite place on earth other than my home 
    • I'm deathly afraid of anything that crawls (Haley is the bug killer/rescuer in our home) 
    • My sisters say I cackle when I laugh. What can ya do? 
    triwell blog about us


    • I've never been called my real name, Olivia. (Liv, Livvy, Livvy Jo, and a smattering of others have always been used.) 
    • I wear a lot of black. Really, I only wear black (with the exception of these photos when Haley and Summer said I couldn't choose black) 
    • Music is my life, but I also have a passion for business. I'll be studying business next year in college! (I'll share some stories about university life here!)
    • I'm the youngest, which means I get what I want :) 

    We would love to hear more about you! Drop us a comment and introduce yourself! Want to follow along? Follow us on Instagram

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