The Nike Method for Creatives

the nike method for creatives

I remember when my family and I started our first business together, we labored over other brands’ logos and taglines. One of the top on our list was Nike for obvious reasons. They seemed to have hit the branding jackpot. An amazingly simple logo and tagline essentially has transformed a generation of clothing and athletics. Because I’m a lover of words, “just do it” makes my heart do a little pitter-patter. Three words and so much power, guys.

One of my biggest hang ups in creating is starting. I have a real problem with working on projects I can’t finish in one sitting. So, naturally, any sort of writing on a manuscript or giant painting becomes a bit of a problem. This week, here’s my hope for you. My hope is that you’ll do as Nike does. Just sit down, put your fingers to the keyboard. Grab the clay. Sit down at the wheel. Pull our the paint brushes.

And just do it.