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Here at TriWell, we strive to create a world where music booms, wellness flourishes, and creativity seeps into every crevice of our lives. We're here to encourage you, host virtual dance parties, and create an environment where you find rest, whether that be through a quick recipe we've found, easy tips to live a nontoxic lifestyle, a few awesome playlists, or a push to do something a little creative. Below, you'll find some links to our favorite posts. We'll see you there! 

Haley + Summer + Liv 



A 20-something creative who dreams big dreams and struggles with reality, Haley writes about creativity; fitness, when she’s feeling up to it; education; and books. Haley is a Type 4 INFP who really wishes she could keep plants alive (but really, really can’t).

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On the eve of her college career, Liv is a dynamic force of musical and our resident business genius. Liv writes about all things music, keeps Tri Well’s Spotify, and tells hilarious jokes. Liv is a Type 6 INFP and wears lots of black (like, seriously, lots and lots of black).

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Summer is a 20-something who thrives on nontoxic beauty products, spreadsheets, and a newfound love of kombucha. She writes about beauty, nontoxic living, and vulnerability. Summer is a Type 1 ESTJ who loves all seasonal name jokes (she doesn’t; that’s not true).

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